Grand work of Czech craftsmen in limited edition

The book „The Slav Epic” introduces the work of Alfons Mucha in a perfectly faithful digital form. The photographer and author of the book Jan William Drnek used a special printing technique and photography, thanks to which it is possible to view the canvasses in the book in 1:1 quality. The printing raster is not visible even with a sixfold magnification. Thanks to a high quality magnifying glass, which is integrated into the book case, you can marvel at the details of Mucha's canvasses in their actual size and grandeur, same as the originals in the exhibition hall.

Czech production

The „Epic” book is, down to the last detail, the result of cooperation of a team of top Czech craftsmen, artists and historians.

Digitalization of the work

Special kind of rasterization and the use of the most modern technologies preserves in the photographs every detail of the original canvases.

Printing technology

Printing with the best available technologies allows to observe detailed brushstrokes, the structure and colour of Mucha’s canvasses.

Certificate of Authenticity

The authenticity of the publication is confirmed by a certificate on hemp paper with an addition of sawdust from an ancient Czech linden tree from Chlístov.

Handmade book binding

Publication weighing twelve kilograms of atypical dimensions is hand bound with saddlery thread with headband and tailband of pure silk.

Czech handcraft

The large format book with dimensions 62 x 42 cm has 336 pages. 80% of it’s content is comprised of digital photographs of canvasses, 20% is dedicated to texts of Czech historians, curators and philosophers. It emerged from the hands of Slavic artists, solely in Czech handcraft workshops. The book weighs 12 kilograms and is hand bound.

Limited edition

The book of significant historical, cultural and artistic value is issued in a limited edition of 200 pieces – 100 Czech and 100 English imprints. Each is an artistic original marked with a serial number, according to the customers choice. The price of the book is 280 000 Kč.

Authenticity Certificate

Inseparable parts of the work are unique artifacts, designer jewelry and certificate of authenticity, fashioned on a handmade hemp paper with fine sawdust from the ancient linden tree of up to 750 years of age, under which, according to the legend, Jan Hus himself gave his sermon in 1414.

Author and the team of collaborating experts

Jan William Drnek

Author of the book, photographer, precise professional and enthusiast with an eye for the most minute detail. Specializes in the demanding HDR technique and panoramic large format photographs with high definition.

„Inspired by projects from abroad, few years ago I fired myself with enthusiasm to realize a true reproduction of a grand work of art. My intentions and wishes were probably so great, that they have transformed during several days into a real proposal to make an undertaking like that in Czech conditions. The theme was clear. The Slav Epic.“

Jarmila Mucha Plocková

Visual artist and granddaughter of Alfons Mucha. She is the author of the design and material solution of the jewellery included with the book. During her twelve year stay in Spain she has worked in the Jaume Freixa atelier and the world famous studio Ricardo Bofill Taller de Architectura. In 2010 she opened her own commercial gallery in Prague, the Mucha JMP. She exhibits in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Tomáš Berger

Fine art restorer. Many significant and precious works of art have passed through his atelier. He has been taking care of Mucha's Slav Epic for many years. With a team of collaborating restorers they have repaired some of Mucha's large format canvasses and organized their transport and installation in Prague.

Václav Cílek

Geologist, climatologist and a well known science popularizer, who is responsible for the selection of the three stones for the book. Holder of numerous awards, among others the Ministry of the Environment Award for a Significant Contribution to the Popularization of Czech Science. Cooperated on dozens of book titles, publishes his views in many media outlets.

Jan Činčera

Leading Czech packaging designer created the case for the book. Leads his own studio and collaborates on the packaging for many top Czech designers.

Jan Zákostelecký

Acknowledged architect, who has, together with J. W. Drnek come up with the concept of the entire publication.

Jan Kotulán

Skilled craft bookbinder who has created the concept of the binding and it's materials.

Lubomír Krupka

Bookbinder and artist behind the form and material selection of the authenticity certificate of the work.