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Unique Artifacts

Forming part of the work, are a series of unique artefacts that frame and complement the publication with a meaningful message. They provide a stronger experience and a create a connections between the history, time and diverse scales of Mucha's paintings.

See the video about artifacts in the Epos book.



The book is housed in a refined case, that not only protects the book and its contents but also functions as a stand to showcase the precious publication and its accompanying artefacts. Luxurious materials were deliberately chosen in a muted colour palette in order not to detract from the depth of colour seen in the images within.

  • A work of art with pure craftsmanship
  • Simple and elegant design allowing no distractions
  • Luxury materials and a unique user experience



The right door of the open case houses a piece of jewellery; symbolic of light, with a design referring to Slavic culture. The design of the unique jewel is the work of Alphonse Mucha’s grand daughter and patron of the Epos project - Jarmila Mucha Plocková.

For her gilded silver jewel, she chose the sunstone - an ancient resin - of amber to its centre.

  • Jewel made of silver Ag 925/1000 with unique gilding
  • Manufactured by the Belda factory, a family company, which among other things, takes care of the Czech Crown Jewels
  • Combines The Slav Epic Symbols: Circle, Sun, Spiral, Swoosh



Rock - one of the the only things that has always been present throughout history, for multiple millennia. Housed to the left of the book, these geological artefacts help to form a connection with the history and underlying narrative of The Slav Epic. Each of the stones is thematically linked to locations that appear on The Slav Epic canvases.

The stones have been hand-worked by the artistic sculptor Petr Váňa.

  • White stone - marble from the Greek island of Athos
  • Red stone - limestone from the Cikánka quarry near Prague
  • Black stone - flint from the Baltic coast of Rügen (Rujana)


Magnifying Glass

On opening the case, the magnifying glass is the only visible object besides the book itself. When used correctly, it emphasises the flawless photographic and printing techniques ‘highlighting’ the ‘invisible' raster. The details of Mucha's canvases can therefore be examined with the magnifying glass in their true size.

  • Luxury professional magnifying glass with high quality optics produced by the Japanese brand Peak Optics
  • The two lenses allow two point five and five times magnification
  • Due to the different scales of the canvases, some details can be seen in larger than life size.



A lime tree, thought to be as much as 750 years old, is deemed to be the symbolic tree of The Slavs. Located in Chlístov, South Bohemia, according to legend, the tree was said to have shaded Jan Hus as he preached under it in 1414. Beautiful natural paper from Krupka Studio, pressed specifically for this project, incorporates fine sawdust drawn from this symbolic lime tree. The work’s Certificate of Authenticity, also incorporating the unique sawdust, is housed in the protective case.

  • Original Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jan William Drnek, the projects patron Jarmila Mucha Plocková, as well as Albatros Media CEO Václav Kadlec
  • A3 handmade hemp paper with sawdust from Hus lime tree
  • Housed in a grey gold sleeve