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What are the benefits of investing in rare books?

Collecting rare books is an emerging means of investment. If you’re looking for a new way to supplement your portfolio, unique limited-edition books are a relatively risk-free way you can achieve this.


Advantages of investing in rare books

Rare books are a hard asset that many consider to be a reliable alternative to investing in stocks and bonds. Even though they are a tangible asset, books are easy to take care of, relatively easy to obtain, and don’t require ongoing expenses from you to upkeep. They are a huge investment though, and their tactile nature is what makes them dependable. It’s the perfect investment for those who like to have control, and to be directly involved in all aspects of the process. 

The market for special books has always appealed to avid readers, but whether you call yourself a book lover or not, this is also the kind of investment you can enjoy twofold. There’s something inherently special about owning a rare and comprehensive text, not just as something to grow in monetary value, but as a work of art itself, and to gain tactile pleasure from.


What makes a book ideal for an investor?

If you are considering investing in a rare book, a volume by a famous author or that focuses on a well-known figure is ideal. Name recognition will take you further than someone unknown. A first edition, an original work, or something that’s never been done before is also highly valued, and of course, if there is only a limited number of works available, that makes it all the more appealing.

A volume on a specific topic that is hard to find, or that displays expertise in a very niche area also has high value for book collectors. Another consideration is the physical beauty of the book. Many books are created with the utmost care with luxurious materials meant to last, and you’ll want to obtain the finest edition. And finally, the more the book resonates with a group of people for its historical, cultural and artistic value, the higher the demand for it will be.


Where to find rare books


This German publishing house only sells premium, limited-edition books. They span over numerous niche genres including art, pop culture, fashion, film, comics, and graphic design.


Valer is a newly established luxury-edition publisher. Right now it’s latest grand work is EPOS – discover one of only 200 copies of the first ever collection of large-format photography of The Slav Epic by Czech visionary, Alphonse Mucha.

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