Unique Artifacts

Part of the work are unique artifacts, that enrich the publication by symbolic message and intensify the experience and transition through history, time and different aspects of Mucha's paintings.

The Stones

While examining Mucha’s work, you can touch his epoch, events and emotions with the help of three stones, which are, as the „witnesses of the Slav history” thematically connected to the places depicted on the canvasses of The Slav Epic.

  • White stone – Marble from the Greek peninsula Athos.
  • Red stone – Limestone from the quarry Cikánka at the outskirts of Prague
  • Black stone – Flint from the coast of Baltic Rujana

The Jewell

Specially designed for this publication by the granddaughter of Alfons Mucha, artist and patron of the project Jarmila Mucha Plocková, gilded silver brooch. In the centre f it she has symbolically placed the „Sun stone” amber. 

  • The jewell is made of silver of AG 925/1000 purity.
  • The brooches are made by hand by a family owned production Belda factory with more than hundred year tradition, which, among other, provides care of the St. Wenceslas crown.
  • Decor of the jewell combines the symbols of The Slav Epic: circle, the Sun, spiral and a wave.

The Bookcase

An elegant bookcase from the workshop Studio Činčera not only protects the work, but also allows for comfortable and literally immersive viewing of the book and individual artifacts. It proudly displays detailed craftsmanship and carefully picked luxurious materials in subdued tones.

The Magnifying Glas

You can examine the perfection of the photographs as well as the special print of the „invisible” raster thanks to the professional magnifying glass. Details of Mucha’s canvasses can be enjoyed in their true grandeur, much like the originals in the exhibition hall.